TV Cooking Shows Get Us In The Mood For Cooking

Television shows about cooking have always been popular to some degree but in recent years there has been a huge increase in their popularity. Whilst a lot of us simply watch the shows as a bit of evening entertainment, there are those of us who are actually inspired by what they see and it eggs them on (sorry for the food pun) to be more creative in the kitchen.

In fact there has been a recent survey to see whether cooking shows make us spend more time in the kitchen and the results tended to be that they doa��as long as it is fun and in a social way. Lets just hope that the TV show that is spurring you on to get creative in the kitchen isna��t Man vs Food!

The study did have some findings that seem to clash with a lot of other existing research, such as the finding that the average Brit cooks 5 times a week and spends on average 49 minutes preparing food in the kitchen. Perhaps it was the use of only 2,000 participants that made these results particularly different from what other research has found. One of their main findings was that our very own Jamie Olivera��s 15-Minute Meals programme spurring 21% of the surveys participants into getting into the kitchen and cooking.

Another show that has had a huge effect on its audience has been the Great British Bake Off, influencing 19% of the participants, and to be fair who wouldna��t want to bake something delicious after seeing all of those cakes and pies on our screens? It definitely seems that we are moving away from the a�?ready meala�� generation and people are getting much more into cooking for themselves. This is definitely the case with bread too, as more and more people (a third in fact) have made their own bread in the last year.

So what is it that are making these shows so popular and actually giving us the imputis to get creative in the kitchen? Well it is believed to be the simplicity of the recipes, both 15-Minute Meals and even the Great British Bake Off – to some extent, offer people the opportunity to replicate tasty and a�?easya�� meals. Yes you may struggle to finish cooking them in exactly 15 minutes but understanding that they arena��t going to consume all your time and the fact that you can make something tasty and delicious in almost no time, makes people a lot more positive when it comes to cooking.

But whilst there are upsides to this TV cooking trend, there are definitely anomalies too. Come Dine With Me is a TV show that takes peoplea��s enthusiasm for wining and dining and shows just how wrong a lot of us can get it. Obviously these people are picked because they arena��t going to create Michelin starred food but there are barely any recipes on it that youa��d want to replicate.