Classic Stereotypes of food Editors

Being a food editor is a title that has a lot of misconceptions around it, with many people thinking they live the high-life eating out at top restaurants for free and are feared by all restaurants and their chefs. But the vast majority of the assumptions made about them are untrue and we have created a list to show you just how wrong some of our assumptions about them are.

Theya��re Fussy About Food
A food editor is no fussier about food than any other persona��some are and some arena��t. They do not only dine out at the top restaurants but also love their home comforts and the foods we all know and love too! And it doesna��t mean that they constantly scrutinise every meal that is given to them, otherwise they would have some pretty irritated partners.

They Judge You
As we just mentioned, plenty of people might be nervous if they knew they were preparing a meal for a food critic or editor but in no way are they going to be judging your cooking any harsher than anyone else woulda��unless you ask for brutal honesty!

They Are All Critics
Not everyone who works as a food editor is a food critic. Rather restaurant critics are simply a specific subset of food editors who probably dona��t have that enviable a task. Still critics have a deep knowledge and understanding of food that is well worth paying attention too, whether it helps you choose a restaurant or helps a chef improve his style.

Dona��t Call Them Foodies
If there is one way to tick a food editor off then it is to call them a�?foodiesa�?, so dona��t do it. Just dona��t.

They Are Great Cooks
Just because someonea��s job is based around food doesna��t mean they can cook. Just as if someone likes to draw, it doesna��t necessarily mean they are any good at it. Food editors read and write about food but that doesna��t mean they are good at cooking, sure they may have one or two recipes up their sleeve but they are generally no more talented in the kitchen than your average person. After all, how many people in media and journalism have either just been lumped into a specific category, such as sports, entertainment or cooking, because a position needs to be filled? A lot of us are just blagging it.

Some Foods Are Beneath Them
There is a misconception that food editors dona��t get the urges for junk food and sweets like we all do. But of course there is the temptation to pop into a burger place at the end of a night out or relied on a ready meal when they are low on time.

They Pick Where You Eat
TV comedies will have you think a food editor is a major food snob and simply has to pick where their friends eat. But in truth, who wants to always choose the restaurant? Sometimes it nice to allow others to take the lead and of course you might be in the mood for a particular style of food one day but that doesna��t mean you are oblivious to the wants and needs of the people you are with.